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The AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream aims to attract farm owners/operators who plan to live in Alberta in order to purchase and manage their farming business. Candidates who are successfully nominated through the Alberta Self-Employed Farmer stream will be invited to submit an official application for Canadian permanent residence. The stream is jointly managed by Atlantic Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF)and thus, the applicants are required to consult with both organizations prior to submission.


Minimum Requirements:

Self-employed farmers must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be eligible to apply under this stream:

  • Prove that they have farm management skills,
  • Financial documentation of existing farm business,
  • Proof of education, training, and/or work experience,
  • A proposed business plan for Alberta farm,
  • Proof that a Canadian financial institution will finance farming venture in Alberta,
  • Prove that they have sufficient financial resources for this venture, and
  • Prove that they will invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta.

Candidates should not apply if they are:

  • Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process;
  • Live-in caregivers currently residing in Canada;
  • Temporary Foreign Workers working and residing in a province other than Alberta;
  • International students studying in Canada and doing co-op work placements or internships as part of their study program.

For all the candidates meeting the above-mentioned requirements, the applicant’s investment plan must be documented in a proposed business plan. The applications relevant to Alberta’s agri-food targets and represent the best opportunity for growth are prioritized.


Assistance by Bluestone_Immigration:

With an international presence in Canada and as a licensed ICCRC consultant, Bluestone Immigration extends assistance for applying under the Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream by assessing the candidates eligibility factors through technical assessment and providing precised guidance for exploratory visit, detailed business plan and required documentation.



British Columbia (B.C.) is one of the most attractive places for getting settled in Canada. In addition to its abundance of natural beauty, the high level of potential to invest and flourish in terms of businesses makes B.C. a very desirable destination to work and live.

The BC PNP selects and nominates potential immigrants for permanent residence based on their ability to contribute to the economy in British Columbia. Successful nominees, together with their spouse or common-law partner and dependent children, get the benefit of faster processing of applications for permanent residence in Canada and work permits in British Columbia.

BC Immigration Department assists foreign entrepreneurs or foreign companies who want to invest in a new business or wants to expand their business in British Columbia through three pathways:

  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects


British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

As the province establishes nomination targets for the program, priority is given to candidates demonstrating the highest potential under a scoring system, to create a successful business and to contribute significant economic benefits to the province. The Entrepreneur Immigration stream targets senior managers or business owners who wish to invest in British Columbia businesses.

To be eligible, the candidate must:

  • Possess a personal net worth of a minimum $600,000
  • Invest a minimum $200,000 in an eligible new business or in an existing business in British Columbia
  • Create at least one new full-time job in the business
  • Demonstrate the Language proficiency of minimum CLB 5
  • Suitable business and/or management experience


British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot

The Entrepreneur Regional Pilot aims to attract experienced entrepreneurs to open a business in smaller communities of British Columbia. The candidates fulfilling the following requirements are eligible to apply under this category:

  • Possession of a minimum Net worth of $300,000
  • Investment of a minimum of $100,000 in eligible businesses
  • Should have a minimum of 51% ownership in the new business
  • Demonstrate the Language proficiency of minimum CLB 5
  • Create at least one new full-time job
  • Conduct an exploratory visit in the target community

Eligibility criteria for Communities:

  • The community must have a population of less than 75,000 people and locate beyond 30 km of a municipality of more than 75,000 people, and
  • Demonstrate the capacity to support the entrepreneur through business support agencies.


British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects

This stream assists foreign companies to establish a business in British Columbia who wishes to send their key manager, professional or technical staff to operates the business and settle in British Columbia.

To be eligible, the companies must:

  • Make a minimum investment of $500,000.
  • Create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Establish or purchase a company in British Columbia




The provincial government administers the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) Entrepreneurial Stream is an economic immigration program for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently along with the family.


Eligibility Requirements:

For Becoming an Immigrant Entrepreneur, you need to qualify the following criteria:

  1. Creating significant economic benefit to New Brunswick through various Eligible Business Investments. Eligible investments must be derived from the applicant’s personal net worth and may include but are not limited to:
  • Business premises
  • Equipment used by employees to enable them to perform their day-to-day duties may include
  • Equipment necessary for use in primary production and manufacturing of goods including, but is not limited to an initial inventory to a maximum of 50 per cent of the total business investment or actual cost, whichever is lower.
  • Intangible investments
  1. Buying an established New Brunswick business: If buying an existing business, the candidate must demonstrate to the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor that the business:
  • Has been in continuous operation by the same owner for the three years prior to the purchase date; and that the owner is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada;
  • Will be purchased at proven fair market value;
  • Has achieved a proven net profit for at least two of the previous three years as demonstrated by audited financial statements;
  • Will provide for the continued employment to existing staff on similar terms and conditions; and
  • Is not in receivership and/or has not filed for bankruptcy for the three years prior to the date of purchase
  1. Creating jobs in New Brunswick: The business must create at least two full-time jobs for permanent residents or citizens of Canada living in New Brunswick. The two full-time jobs cannot include the applicant, the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner, dependent children and/or other family members.
  2. Operating the business in New Brunswick: With respect to operating the business, the candidate must:
  • Ensure the business pays income tax on taxable income earned;
  • Comply with all legislation in the province including, but not limited to, the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • Comply with all Canadian laws in establishing, purchasing and maintaining the business;
  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permits, etc., from all applicable municipal, provincial and/or federal authorities;


Application Process:

On complying with the defined standards for eligibility, the following is the process flow to be followed by the candidate:

  • Candidates submit a self-assessed Expression of Interest.
  • Selected candidates receive an Invitation to Apply.
  • Candidates who receive an ITA must use a designated accounting services provider to complete a net worth verification report.
  • Approved candidates receive a letter with instructions for submitting a signed and dated Business Performance Agreement and the deposit of $100,000 to the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.
  • Successful candidates received a nomination from New Brunswick, for use in applying to IRCC Canada for permanent residence.
  • Landing and Business Establishment In New Brunswick






Bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west, Manitoba is considered to have one of the strongest economies in Canada and is home to lucrative investment opportunities.

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business investors and entrepreneurs from around the world who have the intent and ability to start or purchase businesses in Manitoba through Entrepreneur Pathway and Farm Investor Pathway.

  • The Entrepreneur Pathway is for applicants seeking to open a business in Manitoba. This pathway allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people to move to the province and establish or purchase a business or become partners in an existing business within the first 24 months of arrival in Canada on a temporary work permit.

To apply, the candidate must:

  • Possess a minimum verifiable personal net worth of $500,000 CAD.
  • Invest a minimum of $250,000 for businesses situated in the Manitoba Capital Region. The minimum investment is $150,000 if a business is situated outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.
  • Have a minimum of three years of successful business ownership and management experience or executive-level experience as senior manager of a business within the past five years
  • Have and education of Canadian high school certificate equivalency
  • Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba
  • Demonstrate sufficient language proficiency (Min CLB 5).
  • Have the intention and ability to reside in Manitoba with all dependent family members
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix. Candidates may also be required to conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. Applicants will need to provide proof of research conducted during the visit in the form of a visit report and other documents.


  • The Farm Investor Pathway caters to individuals with proven farm business experience, sufficient available capital to invest, and who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba. It is expected that successful applicants of the FIP will establish a farm business in rural Manitoba producing primary products that are consistent with the province’s current farm industry. The renewed BIS ensures that all business nominees invest in businesses that create jobs for Manitoba and contribute to the Manitoba economy.

To apply, the candidate must:

  • Have a minimum of three years of farm ownership and operation experience supported by verifiable documents.
  • Demonstrate sufficient language proficiency (Min CLB 5).
  • Invest a minimum of $300,000 in the rural Manitoba region.
  • Demonstrate practical farming skills, technical knowledge, and experience in technological based farming practices.
  • Possess a minimum verifiable personal net worth of $500,000 CAD.



Yukon is looking out for interested entrepreneurs who wish to operate their own businesses in the province and contribute to the provincial economic development. Yukon Business Nominee program permits the Government of Yukon to nominate those applicants who have sufficient business experience and capability either to become a partner in a business or purchase an existing running business in Yukon.


In order to apply for the Yukon Business Nominee Program, the candidate must have:

  • Intention to permanently live in Yukon
  • The legal net worth of minimum $500,000 verified by an accounting firm of Yukon
  • Legal Liquid assets of minimum $300,000 verified by a Yukon accounting firm
  • Investment plan of at least $300,000 in capital investments for the business in the first 2 years. ( Capital investments include purchases such as property or equipment )
  • A Score of at least 65 points on the assessment grid of the Yukon program
  • Minimum high school education
  • Minimum 3 years of entrepreneurial or business management experience and at least 5 years of work experience relevant to the business
  • No active applications for any other provincial or territorial nominee program; and
  • Hold a position within the business of National Occupational Classification 0 or A.


To be considered as an eligible business, the business must:

  • Be a new business or a purchase of an existing Yukon business
  • Be managed by the candidate
  • Not be a passive investment; and
  • The business should be among the strategic sectors; Information technology, Manufacturing, Value-added processing, Forestry, Tourism products, attractions, services and facilities, Energy, Mining or mineral development, Agriculture, Cultural industries, Film, and video production.


Application Process:

The generic application process flow for eligible candidates is as follows: