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The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program was created in 1990 to attract foreign investment to stimulate economic growth through job creation in the United States. The program allows foreign nationals to make a qualifying investment into a new or existing US commercial enterprise that creates 10 US jobs to obtain a Green Card. EB-5 Investors and their families gain permanent residency to live and work anywhere in the United States. One EB-5 investment allows the main applicant, spouse, and any unwed children under the age of 21 to all obtain Green Cards.

The US government requires EB-5 investments to comply with strict guidelines in order to promote job creation. The minimum qualifying investment varies depending on the location of the business or project, which is to help stimulate job creation in targeted areas. If an EB-5 is in a Targeted Employment Area (“TEA”) the qualifying investment amount is currently $900,000. Outside of TEA, investors must contribute about $1.8MM to obtain a green card.

The first EB-5 immigration benefit comes in the form of a conditional green card that the candidate receives approximately one to two years from the moment of application. In addition to the same, the following are a few more perks of investing in EB5:

  • No language, educational, professional, or age prerequisite;
  • No business training, management requirement;
  • Processing time 2 years;
  • Work, Live, own a business or a property anywhere in the USA;
  • Avail almost all health, education, and PR benefits as a US national